Examining pair of terms with a given shape

Tool Typography
Led by Prof. Phillip Stamm & Jinsu Ahn Thomas Bircher

Graphic and typographic design (among other things in a layout) heavily relies on a visual discussion of terms as they are known from the teaching of design and composition. Here, pairs of concepts offer a particularly interesting field of exploration as seemingly simple and clear contrasts visually often do not appear to be clear and unambiguous but may be perceived as ambivalent. By examining a term or pair of terms with a given shape and surface as well as the creation of variations by a minimal altering is to sharpen students’ sense of sight and awareness of compositions and their variable statements. Basic geometric forms, lines, and patterns (for those where a content and meaning did not previously obstruct the view), but also characters, letters, and words are conceivable as suitable starting material for the study.

Horizontal Vertical

195 x 195mm