NTS LIVE Archive
Portable Music Collection

Seeking new music but no clue where to start?
Choose your playlist according to what you see and feel

This archive consists of a collection of various NTS Live radio shows covering several music genres. NTS Live offers music fans access to NTS’ own online archive comprising up to 5000 mixtapes and radio shows. Its wide range of genres and radio shows inspire and accompany me every day, on the go or during cozy evenings at home.

While listening to NTS Live, I began thinking about potential archiving projects. However, when looking for new titles, I would have preferred flipping through an actual booklet as a physical version of the archive containing my favourite genres. Instead, I had to apply several filters and trigger buttons for a fair amount of time before finding my preferred music.

Though primarily storing previously generated knowledge, an archive should also provide access to and create new knowledge, experiences and other findings. Hence, myNTS archive strives to provide insights into genres ranging from RNB, electronic over to trap and latin music by way of visual elements which illustrate my senses and feelings I have had while listening to each of the different radio shows. The booklet further includes a music tracklist, enabling listeners to look up any track, if required. The archive shall open doors to a broad music collection suitable for different times and moods.

The information included in this archive consists of typographical elements as well as visual experiments. Descriptive data such as the artist's name, the name of the radio show, genres as well as tracks played during the show is meant to provide swift access to all the necessary information. The visual elements, emphasising senses and feelings, may guide the spectator through their discovery of new music.

tba + CD Cover when extended

Jana Jenarin Beyerlin