Alain Christopher Brusch
Creative Developer and Visual Communicator

Based in Basel, Switzerland

Alain, based in Basel, has gathered experience in various industries over the past eight years and decided to set a focus on design combining traditional, digital media as well as programming within an entrepreneurial, innovative domain. He graduated from FHNW, with a BSc in International Management focusing on International Entrepreneurship and Digital Media. He sees vast possibilities in typography, web animations and interactions as well as data-driven experiments to tackle today's digital problems. Generally, he is passionate about design, photography, music, web development and creative coding. Alain is keen on finding progressive, contemporary as well as innovative solutions. He decided to pursue a MA in Visual Communication and Iconic Research to complement and deepen his repertoire of skills while also working independently on several projects on the side.

English (professional), German (nativ)
Spanish, Portuguese, French, Basic Swedish